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Enhance your Hairstyle

Are you wanting to add length and thickness to your hair without the regular maintenance? Maybe you just want extra hair for your wedding day or date nights? Clip In's can do that for you! 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I sleep in Clip In Extensions?

Clip Ins are temporary and are made to be removed and reinstalled when each use. It is recommended to remove your clip in extensions prior to sleeping.  

Is it real hair? 

Of course. They are 100% human, remy hair and always ethically sourced. They are latex lined for all-day comfort and hold. This means you can curly them and use your salon quality hair products on them too. 

Can Clip ins be used for my wedding hairstyle? 

YES! Clip ins are wonderful for both updos, half up styles and down styles. They make customizing your special event style much easier and more efficiently than other methods. 

How do I take care of them?

Click the button below to view the extension home care guide.

What length and color should I get

That's where I come in! The Clip Ins come in 4 different lengths and 23 different shades. At your in-person consultation appointment, I will color match your real hair to the appropriate extension shade and help you choose the length to achieve your desired look.

Clip - in Extensions 

  • Available in 14in, 18in, 21 & 24in lengths

  • professional color matching

  • 23 color shades

  • Clip Ins will last 4-6 months depending on homecare and frequency of use

  • no in salon maintenance necessary 

Clip In Extension Investment​

The consultation and pick up appointment are included with each Clip -in extension purchase. At the pickup appointment, I will Install the Clip-ins (& teach you how to do it too), blend them if needed and give them my signature waves.

For thickness: 

  • 14 in , 50g  $215 

  • 18 in , 70g $293

For length & thickness:

  • 21 in, 160g $375

  • 24in, 260g $465

Image by Mathilde Langevin