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Sacramento makeup artist and hairstyling team bringing your dream wedding hairstyle to life


Your wedding guests will never know!

Often times the hair inspiration photos we find on Pinterest require thick or long hair. If you don't have the length or thickness required to achieve the style you want... that's when extensions are perfect for you! Lets eehance your wedding day hair style with Clip in hair extensions. 

Sacramento Makeup artist
Seamlessly blended into your real hair
  • Adding thickness/fullness to half up and down styles

  • Adding thickness + length to Big Boho + Romantic braids

  • Updos if you don't have thick enough hair for your dream style

Purchasing Clip in Extensions 

Are you wanting to add length and thickness to your hair that will stay with you after your wedding day? When you make a clip in extension purchase, you keep them forever! Regular daily wear, date night, and another special event approved! They are easily clipped into your real hair, removed and reused over and over for everyday voluminous hair without  in salon maintenance!

Available in 14in, 18in, 21 & 24in lengths and 30+ different color blends for the perfect match!

 Investment includes:

  • In Salon Consultation + color matching appointment

  • 1 set of clip in extensions in the desired length + color

  • Pick up appointment where we show you how to install your extensions + curl them into your own hair

  • Storage bag to keep them safe when not in use

  •  Homecare Extension Guide 

For thickness: 

14 in , 50g  $215 

18 in , 70g $293

For length & thickness:

21 in, 160g $375

24in, 260g $465

If you would like to have these in time for your Bridal Preview, your order needs to be placed at least 2 weeks before your preview appointment.  For the most accurate color matching, a complimentary in salon appointment is highly recommended. 

Sacramento Makeup artist
  • When should I do my Bridal Preview?
    Bridal previews (some companies call them Trials) are best done 12-4 weeks before your wedding date and are held Wednesday-Friday in the salon in Lodi, Ca. By this time, you'll have a good idea of you wedding vibe as well as what you wedding dress, veil and accessories will look like. If you're an out-of-town bride, I can do my best to work with you on a Preview date when you are in the area.
  • Can you travel to me for my Preview?
    All previews are held in our salon Lodi, California. We will be able to provide you with a much better experience in a salon setting vs traveling for the preview appointment.
  • Can I make changes to my booking after I reserve the date?
    The reservation fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable if you later wish to cancel your services. You may add additional services if time allows, but you can’t remove services if it will put you under the minimum booking amount. Also, if your ‘getting ready’ location changes, no worries. I can adjust the travel quote for you if needed!
  • Is it okay if I don't know how many services yet?
    No problem! We can finalize the number of services no later than 6 weeks before your wedding date. When reserving your date, you will reserve the minimum booking amount and we can add on more services later after you ask your party members. Keep in mind, the price will not be below the minimum service amount.
  • Will I need extensions for my style?
    This completely depends on the style you desire and how much hair you have. 90% of the Pinterest photos you see will have extensions added to their hair to enhance the style. I offer clip in extensions to both rent & purchase to make things easier for you. More info on Extensions Here
  • How long will it take to style everyone's hair?
    This may vary based off the styles desired. Usually, I schedule 45-60 minuets per bridesmaid and 1-1.5 hour for the bride. If someone needs clip in extensions installed, I add 15 minuets to their style. You will receive a tentative timeline when inquiring for your wedding date, then about 2 months before the wedding we will start finalizing the timeline for the wedding morning after your day is fully planned.
  • Can you travel to me on my wedding day?
    Yes! Our makeup artist and hairstyling team can travel to you on your wedding day. We also have a salon in Lodi, Ca if you prefer to host your bridal party in our salon space.
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