Clip In Extension Rentals

Are you wanting extra length or thickness to enhance your wedding day style? Renting Clip in Extensions are perfect for the brides who need extra hair for their style, but only want them for the wedding weekend.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

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How long do I get to keep the extensions for?

I will bring the extensions with me on the wedding day. You will then have 2 business days, post wedding date, to get the extension to the Post Office with the provided prepaid package. 

Can I use the Rentals for my trial too? 

Yes. The rental will include using the hair for the trial too. You have 2 business days post trial appointment to get the extensions to the post office in the prepaid package I will provide for you. 

Can members of my Bridal party use them too? 

Definitely! If a member of your bridal party is interested in the extension rental, they will need to make a consultation appointment to ensure color matching. I will then bring, the rentals for them on the wedding day as well. 

Are they clean?

Of course! The hair is carefully inspected and properly sanitized after each use ensuring a quality product for each bride. 

What length and color do I need?

My current rental collection consists of 6 of the most popular Clip in Extension shades in 20in length. I will help choose the best shade for your hair color. I'm regularly adding new shades, but in the event, I don't have the shade you need, you do have the option of purchasing the correct shade with my help to professionally color match your hair. 

** Reserving your extension rental is on a first come, first serve basis. Stock is limited. 

The Rental Process

01 Virtual Consultation

Submit the Virtual consultation form to see if the extensions are available in the shade you need on the date of your event.  

02 In Person Consultation

Complimentary appointment to color match your hair to my current extension inventory. This can be done at the trial appointment too

03 Trial Appointment

You will sign a contract specifically for the hair extension rental and pay for the extension rental that day as well. The trial will be completed as usual and include the extension install. The payment and contract will reserve that extension set for you on the wedding  day as well. 

You have 2 business days post trial to send the extensions off at the post office. I will provide you with a prepaid package to put them in and instructions on how to package them. It's very simple! 

04 The Return
05 Wedding Day 

I will bring the extensions cleaned and properly prepared for your wedding day! You have 2 business days post wedding date to have them sent off to the post office just like the trial. Heading to your honeymoon right away? No worries. Have a loved one drop them off at the post office for you!

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The Investment


  • 1 set of Clip in Extensions, 20 in length

  • Professional Color matching

  • Proper extension preparation

  • Reserved for you at the trial and on wedding day

  • 2 prepaid return packages

  •  Installation placement on wedding day