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Lived - In Hair Color

My goal as your hairstylist is to provide you with a low maintenance, trendy hair color that'll leave you with less appointments throughout the year, while maintaining beautiful, healthy hair color                          

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Lived - In + Dimensional Color for the Modern


What is "Lived-in Color"?

Lived- In Color is a modern highlighting + blending technique that utilizes your natural root color in combination with intentional depth to allow for a softer grow out. We are talking about 3-4 times a year with minimal maintenance in between! The technique can be customized for blondes, brondes and brunettes, so everyone can have lived-in color. Are you ready to be a modern blonde?

Your color application will always be customized for you...

Your appointment will start off with a throughout consultation and a hair and scalp health analysis. Your lifestyle and daily habits will be taken into consideration when deciding which color technique to use. Your customized color will include any tones, glosses and/or shadow root necessary to achieve your desired result. Plant based reinforcement will be added to your color to maintain the integrity of your hair while coloring. The experience is elevated with a treatment at the shampoo bowl to restore vital nutrients to the hair. Your hair will be finished with a wash, blow dry + signature waves or flat iron. Home care product will then be recommended to ensure your color lasts as long as possible. 

Modern Blonde

Most popular for new clients who want a lived in, low maintenance, multidimensional color application going lighter, whether it be achieved using a balayage, highlights or combo technique. This can also be for someone who wants to maintain a heavily dimensional color. Also ideal for someone who has a dark or solid hair color and wants to achieve the maximum lightening one session will allow. 


Add Grey Root Coverage: +$64

Add on Haircut +$50

Treatment Add ons below


Modern Blonde Refresh

Most popular with existing clients who already have a lived-in dimensional color whether it be highlights, balayage, or a combo technique and want to make a subtle change or maintain their current color. 


Add Grey Root Coverage: +$64

Add on Haircut +$50

Treatment add ons below

Back to Brunette

Ideal for someone who is already blonde with darker roots and want to add back in darker dimension or go fully back to brunette. 


Add on Haircut: +$50

Treatment add ons below

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Solid Color Maintenance

This is best for someone who wants to maintain their solid hair color usually in the brunette or red color family and needs their grey roots covered, or new growth darkened, and want a solid color or a clear gloss to refresh their mids and ends too. This will result in a solid color from roots to ends adding depth and shine. 


Add on Haircut: +$50

Treatment add ons below

Haircuts & Treatment Add Ons

Regular haircuts and treatments are essential to the health of your hair. Add one or both onto your color service for the best results

Haircuts...or just a trim +$50

 using Olaplex's  in Salon Mask to deeply replenish moisture while providing shine and body to treat damaged hair 

Hydrate +$20
Boost +$30

Miracle Booster is a lightweight in Salon only treatment that will intensely boost shine, moisture, and strength to your hair while preventing color fade and extend the life of your color. 

Repair +$40

Repair your hair using olplaex's 2 part in- salon only restorative treatment, followed by the Hydrate mask. This system is designed specifically for hair that suffers from heat, chemical or environmental damage. It works from the inside out by reconnecting the disulfide bonds in the hair leaving you with healthier, stronger. more manageable hair. 

Scalp Purify +$40

Gently purify and detoxify your scalp and hair follicle to provide the foundation for optimal scalp health and hair growth. Followed by a soothing scalp mask to relieve sensitive scalps and balance the scalps natural oils. While your scalp is being treat a moisture mask will be applied to your mids and ends for the full experience. 

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